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Is R&D in the business enterprise sector in Norway under-reported?
Is R&D in the business enterprise sector in Norway under-reported?
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  • tittel: Is R&D in the business enterprise sector in Norway under-reported?
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    There are claims that research and development (R&D) in several industries in Norway is underestimated in official statistics, mostly due to under-reporting from firms themselves. In the present project, mechanisms or processes that may lead to systematic over- or under-reporting in official annual R&D surveys have been investigated through interviews in 19 corporations selected strategically for the purpose.
    A major contribution to under-reporting seems to be that R&D done under contract with customers as regular problem solving, particularly in large offshore related projects, is not reported. Too narrow in-house conceptions of R&D may also contribute to this. A possible source of over-reporting may be that firms do not distinguish between R&D and other innovation activities, but here the evidence is less clear.
    In terms of changing Norway's position on international rankings of R&D efforts, such under-reporting would have to be substantial. Methodological issues in international comparison abound; a correction for industry structure may have a significant impact on the ranking.
    In order to improve the accuracy of the statistics, it is suggested that Statistics Norway, possibly in collaboration with industry, devise some industry specific examples for inclusion in the survey guidance note to respondents that will allow reporting firms to more accurately capture the volume of their R&D efforts.
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  • publisert: 2011-10-14
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